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About this Form

Please use this form to provide some initial information about your case, so that we can make sure you receive the best service possible. Only your contact information is mandatory. If you do not understand all the questions, or would prefer to speak with an office representative personally, please review the questions so that you will know the kind of information you will need to provide, then simply fill in your contact information and any other fields with which you are comfortable. Someone from the office will contact you to discuss the matter further.

A Brief Explanation of Some of Our Questions

Relationship to the Person Charged:This will help us determine how much we are able to discuss the case with you, and will help us tell you what we'll need to set up an initial consultation. If you are the person charged, just put "same."

State or Federal Charges: This pertains to in which court the case is progressing. The Superior Court of Such-and-Such a County would be state court, and The United States District Court would be federal. If you don't know, just leave it blank.

What are the Charges: If you have a list of code numbers that's fine, but a general synopsis will do.

Status of the Case: What we really want to know is: What is supposed to happen at the next court appearance? Do you know if it's the arraignment? The pretrial? A status conference?

If you don't know specifically how far the case has progressed, then we kind of need to know what's happened so far. Is this a new arrest? Has the person already been before a judge? Has the case been going on for some time? Is trial coming up?

Any information is very helpful to us.

Bail Status: Has bail been set? Has the person charged been released on bail?

Basically, there are about four possible answers to this:
1. "None" (no bail has been set or the person was not taken into custody in the first place);
2. "Set" (bail has been set, but the person has not yet been released);
3. "Out On" (bail has been set and the person has posted bond); or
4. "OR" (Own Recognizance) (the person was arrested, but released to his/her own custody without having to post bond).

Previous or Current Representation: If you already have an attorney, or have recently fired your attorney, please provide a contact name and telephone number. We may need to follow-up with them for more information about the case, and possibly to retrieve a copy of the case file.

If you are seeking your first attorney regarding the case, you can answer "none" or leave it blank.

Are There Funds to Pay Private Counsel: We realize that this is often far more complicated than a simple yes or no answer. However, we need to know if private counsel is really an option, or if the party is asking for court appointment or pro bono (at no charge) representation.

Select a Law Office: If you would like to request a specific Pier 5 Law Office, you can ask that your intake form be directed there immediately. If you're not sure, or have no preference, please select "No Preference," and the office will try to pair your case with the most suitable attorney.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. We will return your your message as soon as possible.

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